Momentarily Still

Momentarilly Still 2019 5MB (1 of 1).jpg
Momentarilly Still 2019 5MB (1 of 1).jpg

Momentarily Still


Watercolor on Cradled Aquabord



Momentarilly Still endeavors to freeze time. Life is a blur, with little

opportunity to savor each moment. My Moments Series captures fleeting moments permitting the viewer to stop and reflect. Life is my muse’s adventure and there is little time to reflect on where he has been.

As a pediatric trauma nurse, I have seen how precious each moment is. Sometimes those moments are gone too soon. I ask the viewer to savor time. To spin that still image around in their head. To choose moments in their own life to treasure and sit with.

I let watercolor flow across the surface, relinquishing some control over the process. This further represents how we do not have control over time, but we can hold onto images for an eternity.

I paint on Aquabord which is a special clay surface that can be varnished and hang on the wall, not requiring glass or a frame. This piece is a 2” cradled Aquabord. The wood edges are stained the same color as the background and form a natural continuation of the piece.

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